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Older projects

N. Rizzi, A. Tatone. Non-standard models for thin-walled beams with a view to applications. ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, 63, 1996.
N. Rizzi, A. Tatone, Non-Standard Models for Thin-Walled Beams with a View to Applications, in Non-Classical Problems of the Theory and Behavior of Structures Exposed to Complex Environmental Conditions, Presented at The 1st Joint Mechanics Meeting of ASME-ASCE-SES---MEET'N'93, Charlottesville, Virginia, June 6--9, 1993, AMD-Vol. 164, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, 1993.
N. Rizzi, G. Ruta, A. Tatone, The Influence of Warping on the Postbuckling Behavior of Thin-Walled Beams with Open Cross-Section, XVIIIth International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Haifa, Israel, August 22-28, 1992.
A. Tatone, N. Rizzi. A one-dimensional model for thin-walled beams. In Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics, Ziegler F., Schneider W. and Troger H. (Eds.), Longman, 1991.
A. Di Carlo, N. Rizzi, A. Tatone. Continuum modelling of beam like latticed truss: Identification of the constitutive functions for the contact and inertial actions. Meccanica, 25, 168--174, 1990.
A. Tatone, N. Rizzi, M. Pignataro. Bifurcation analysis of a circular arch under hydrostatic pressure. Meccanica, 23, 1988.
N. Rizzi, A. Tatone, A. Di Carlo. Modelli monodimensionali di trave atti a descrivere la biforcazione per torsione. In Omaggio a Giulio Ceradini: note scientifiche in occasione del 70° compleanno, 1988.
N. Rizzi, A. Tatone. Using symbolic computation in buckling analysis. Jr. Symbolic Computation, 1, 317--321, 1985.
N. Rizzi, A. Tatone. Symbolic manipulation in buckling and postbuckling analysis. Computers and Structures, 21, 691--700, 1985.
M. Pignataro, N. Rizzi, A. Tatone, On the postbuckling behaviour of beams with curved axis, XVIth International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, August 19--25, 1984, Lyngby, Denmark.
A. Tatone, A. Di Carlo. A System of Routines for Finite Element Analysis of Curved Beams. in Engineering software for microcomputers, Proceedings of the first international conference, held in Venice, Italy on 2nd-5th April 1984, B. A. Schrefler, R. W. Lewis, and S. A. Odorizzi (Eds.), Pineridge Press, Swansea, U.K., pp. 345--356, 1984. ISBN: 0906674352
P. Mele, M. Morganti, A. Di Carlo, A. Tatone. Laminar to turbulent flow study by means of F.E.M., in Numerical Methods in Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Proceedings of the Second International Conference Held at Venice, 13th-16th July, 1981, C. Taylor and B. A. Schrefler. (Eds.) Pineridge Press, Swansea, U.K., pp. 315--326, 1981. ISBN: 0906674158; 978090667415-4

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